Open Web Runtime

Prototypes for next-generation application development

What is Web Runtime?

This is a brand new runtime service for application development. As the name implies, the Web runtime means that Web capabilities (referring to the Web operating environment and the page-centric working mode) are provided to each application system as a runtime service.

The purpose of the Open Web Runtime project is to perfect such a runtime and make it easy to be integrated by applications. By integrating Web Runtime, the host application will have the same capabilities as a web browser and can use the page model to organize native content.



Download and install our Visual Studio extension



Fusion Technology Framework

Chromium component package (CCP)

Chromium redistribution package for Web Runtime


For .NET Apps

Support WinForms, WPF, UWP

For Java Apps / Eclipse

Support Java GUI, Eclipse RCP

For Visual Studio

Visual Studio integrates Web Runtime

For Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office integrates Web Runtime